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Tefal Ingenio Emotion Induction Pots 16/18/20/22 New

Tefal Ingenio Emotion Induction Pots 16/18/20/22 New

Tefal Ingenio Emotion Induction Pots 16/18/20/22 New

A set of pots with a Tefal Ingenio Emotion handle. For use on all types of cookers, including induction. Casserole Tefal Ingenio Emotion 16 cm - 1.6 L. Casserole Tefal Ingenio Emotion 18 cm - 2.1 L. Casserole Tefal Ingenio Emotion 20 cm - 2.6 L.

Casserole Tefal Ingenio Emotion 22 cm - 3.2 L. Ingenio is a practical and 100% safe set of pots with an easily attached and removable handle.

Cooking, baking in the oven, serving and storing has never been so easy! The detachable handle allows you to put one pot inside another, so you save space.

Ingenio Emotion is a practical and elegant line of cookware that will give you maximum cooking pleasure. The thick bottom and design inspired by professional cookware ensure consistent cooking results. The possibility of using metal accessories. The surface of Ingenio pots is scratch-resistant, so you can use any accessories, including metal ones.

Get extreme resistance to deformation and great taste of food thanks to the thick bottom that evenly distributes the heat inside the pan. There is a measuring cup inside each pot to help you measure liquids. Forget about the tedious cleaning of dishes after preparing a meal. Taraz can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Thanks to the detachable handle, we can put the pot in one another, they will take up a minimum of space in the cupboard and will work well even in a small kitchen.

Thermo-Spot perfect frying temperature indicator inside the pan- Discover the secret to perfect cooking with Thermo-Spot®! Did you know that proper heating of the pan is the key to perfect cooking? You need to preheat the pan just like you preheat the oven before baking for the best cooking results. Thermo-spot® contains a heat indicator that helps you cook meals for your loved ones in a completely safe way.

There is a sensor in the center of the pan which turns red when the optimal cooking temperature is reached. The Thermo-Spot® pattern is clearly visible before heating. When the optimal temperature is reached, the color begins to change.

When the temperature is optimal, the Thermo-Spot® pattern turns deep red, ensuring a uniform and perfect temperature to cook all your meals. Thermo-Spot® is available in most Tefal pans, frying pans and electrical appliances (for example Plancha or grill). Thermo-Spot turns red when the pan is ready for use (180/190 ° C).

Food tastes better when fried at the right temperature. When frying at the right temperature not too high! , The food retains not only maximum flavor, but also nutrients and vitamins.

It is recommended to fry at a temperature below 230 ° C, then no harmful compounds are formed that can cause harmful effects to health. For all types of cookers. Ingenio pots can be safely used regardless of the type of cooker (gas, electric, ceramic or induction). This item is in the category "Home, Furniture & DIY\Cookware, Dining & Bar\Pots & Pans\Pan Sets". The seller is "acctis" and is located in this country: PL. This item can be shipped worldwide.
  • Colour: Silver
  • Type: Cookware set
  • Hob Type Compatibility: Electric, Gas, Induction
  • Brand: Tefal
  • Surface Coating: Stainless Steel 18/10
  • EAN: 5900215035307

Tefal Ingenio Emotion Induction Pots 16/18/20/22 New